Complying with the Safety requirements ANSI and EN 166. Increased robustness for professional use. The AR optical engine is designed for impact test, 1 frame with 2 covers guarantee maximum security in industrial environment.


4 times brighter than a TV, specifically monochromatic and with low resolution: to get only relevant information overimposed but without interfering with the visual field, it transfers only necessary information, when needed, no distractions.

Field of view

VisionAR meets the requirements of safety compliance. With VisionAR the user can always look in front of him, in a total field of view.

Interchangeable lens
Lens is anti-scratch and anti-fog, it is interchangeable and it can accomodate different grade of shades, easy to be assembled on the frame, can be replaced for the different operators.
Over spectacles

The ultimate overspec to prescription spectacles. The confortable design of the frame prevents the overlapping of the temples for an absolute comfort.

No harmful radiation
Remote control unit on belt, not on board of the glasses, to comply with specific absorbtion rate, avoiding heat on head, with the potential harmful radio modules detachted from the body.
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