The Vanguard coatings overwhelmingly exceed the tests prescribed by EN 166 safety norms, due to their exceptional features: the lenses never fog up and never reach the saturation point.

The Coatings Vanguard PLUS and Vanguard UDC have permanent properties even after several cleansing. They are ideal for an intensive and prolonged use even in difficult environment and dangerous work places.


Thanks to the Vanguard Technology the lenses never fog up as they never reach the saturation point, granting a visibility improvment also in critical conditions.


the Vanguard anti scratch technology grants resistance to abrasion and therefore a longer duration, and superior performance to the common antiscratch coatings available on the market.

Vanguard plus is the coating to ensure both scratch-proof and anti-fog-proof sides, with K and N certification. The coating guarantees anti-fog properties 5 times higher than the norms and abrasion resistance more than twice the EN 166 standard.

Vanguard UDC is a separate and double coating, Flow Coating Anti Fog inside and Anti Scratch outside, with an exceptional performance and the K and N certification. The coating guarantees unlimited anti-fog properties and superior abrasion resistance, ideal for the most hostile environments.

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