One Prismatic

Product technical features

  • Light and resistant frame made of titanium and aluminium alloy
  • High definition optics for sharp images
  • Flexible hinges
  • Adjustable nose piece in width and height
  • Wide range of prescriptions

Available magnifications

3,5x, 4,0x, 5,0x


Side shields
Strap adjuster


55 ◻︎ 15
52 ◻︎ 15

Perfection of design, linearity of forms, strength of materials. One rediscovers the essence of eyewear, a unique product that combines strength and lightness. Composed of a frame made in titanium and aluminum alloy, its high-definition optical system allows for extremely clean and crisp vision. Beauty, aesthetic and visual performance, uniqueness are the ingredients of One, an exceptional product that brings you excitement and performance.