Simple and intuitive.

Product technical features

  • Unique ergonomic frame
  • Extremely intuitive adjustment of the optical system
  • Higher magnification for improved effectiveness of interventions
  • Can be worn over prescription eyewear
  • Available with protection against laser or UV525 radiations
  • Adjustable nose pad


Interchangeable sponges
Overspec protective lens
Sterilizable knobs
Strap adjuster

An accurate design studied in detail to ensure a cleverly balanced and intuitive system: Air-X is a perfect blend of versatility and technology. A product of extraordinary ergonomics and fit, comfortable and practical to use thanks to its adjustability. Among its special features, the Air-X optical system offers a selection of several magnifications, ideal for the specific needs of users.

Product versions




3,5x, 4,5x, 6,0x