Perfect hybrid

Product technical features

  • Wide lens for a field of view without distortion
  • Temples adjustable in length and inclination with SoftPad technology
  • Sophisticated indirect ventilation system
  • Soft internal rubber for comfort without local pressure
  • Certified according to EN166 point 3 (droplets and splashes) and point 4 (large dust particles)
  • RX insert available

6X1 combines the lightness of a spectacle to the benefits of a mask. The adjustable temples with SoftPad technology can be easily replaced with the elastic band included for absolute versatility; comfort and ease of use are thus added to protection against drops, sprays and large dust particles guaranteed by the special design of the internal rubber. The RX insert for corrective lenses and the availability in the catalogue of the smoke lens extend the wide usage of this model to additional areas of application.

Product versions


RX insert

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