We are Univet: Tatiana, sales manager East Europe area
24 March 2016

In Univet since 2013, Russian, native of Moscow, Tatiana strikes with her smile which puts anybody in a good mood, above all when she confesses her big love for her mother Country, a place which has kept together all its citizens thanks to a deep culture, and the historic roots of a millenial tradition.

She studied foreign languages in Moscow, she has been active for a long while in the design, Arts and fashion branches. In Concesio she used to have a school for shop windows design and business consulting.

In Univet she is today the Area Manager of the ex Soviet Union countries and the Baltic States.

She is very proud of her job: “It’s more than a job”, she says, because it allows and favours eschanges anong the countries she loves most.

In fact she considers Italy her second birth place. Her area of business is very wide and with many cultural, religious, customs and habits differences. To find the most appropriate communication style is a challenge to her, she likes to find the best and most polite approach in a land so vast as the many time zones show.

Tatiana considers herself a “cultural”, rather than a commercial, bridge. And this proves how much important is for her the relationship with other people.

Her big passion if the Argentina tango, a dancing she practices since more than ten years. A philosophy more than a sport or a ludic play. It in fact helps to turn “my child soul into a big explosion of sensuality and energy, sincere and spontaneous”. It’s nice to hear somebody who is able to keep the best original child’s approach. When we were all genuine, true, also free because into a present which did not have the fear of the future.

“Dance is inside myself, it helps me to develop grace and my best qualities”, she says with her lighting smile. Who knows Tatiana also knows her many qualities, and that she is able to infuse a sense of happiness and balance. This thanks to her inner peace of mind: among her hobbies there is in fact also Yoga, Feng Shui, an old Tao geomantic art, as well as Reiki, an old spiritual practice and therapy.

Because the goal is always the one to keep the child’s spirit, the will to play. Tatiana underlines that she is very involved with what she does at work, and she wants to go on with such vitality and strength.