We are Univet: Massimo, from the warehouse team
6 April 2016

Massimo is in Univet since eleven years and he likes to work in a team. For example he finds very positive the cooperation with the women which he would like to be more copious in a factory.
The women, in fact, he says, are neater, tider, they give another point of view, above all creative, for a useful confrontation.
Massimo was a good football player, and this helps to understand where his ability to work in a team comes from, where his capacity to face the challnges with a collective strategy was developed.
He started in the Youth of Atalanta football team, probably the most important football nursery in Italy, and then he plays in many teams, among which Lumezzane, also in Trentino region, mainly as right wing, as right fielder, through different categories, always enjoying, as he does today at work.
Massimo is also a poker card game lover: he is a good player because he can mix gamble, bravery, calculation and the study of his opposites, abilities which, again, come from his experience on the football pitches.
He dreams to move one day in a village or city along the sea. When he goes there, and he watches the horizon, this landscape repacifies himself with the rest of the world. It’d difficult not to agree with him.