We are Univet: Marco, the first one dedicated to the back office
18 March 2016

When some years ago, Marco started his cooperation with Univet, he was the only one dedicated to the back office, an activity which he performed together with the organization of the exhibitions and the marketing. Therefore he is one of the first pioneer of the company.
His main passion is, since always, the sport, and in fact he graduated at the Isef Sport School of Verona even if, after the high school, he was about to start a study path in the foreign languages.
At that time a sign that in his future he would have found a job where languages are important and he would have needed one day to get in touch with the entire world.
Furthermore his wife is graduated in foreign languages, another interesting coincidence.
He says: “I never miss the chance to tell my daughter that learning the foreign languages is crucial”. In fact, when Marco was younger, instead of going by the sea side to enjoy the sand and the sun baths, he visited Europe by train: Scotland, France, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, U.K. Probably the young people nowadays don’t know what InterRail is: some years ago it was the best tool, besides the most convenient, to travel in the whole Europe by train, when there was no internet and things needed to be experienced, along real and not virtual distances.
Marco left home with a backpack on his shoulder, and slowly his lagguage became also the most important one of the experience.
He loves swimming, in fact he has been a swim instructor, and football, “like most of the Italians” confesses almost as an excuse, because Marco is sensitive and polite, with an ideal ability to deal with people. In fact he is daily in contact with customers on a loyal and mutual benefit cooperation.
He’s is proud of his professional career, his job has helped him to grow, to become cosmopolitan, and to remove some mental obstacles, to understand the other mentalities, how they live in different Countries, going on with that itinerary he started when he visited them the first times, as a boy. For this reason he will be grateful to Ing. Portesi, the man who established Univet, forever, because he gave him, as well Gianpiero and Matteo, the opportunity to grow, giving both a formation and a support. He says, with a mixture of gratefulness and nostalgia, that he has learned a lot from Ing. Portesi and from his side Marco has never draw back, always trying to be involved, with the aim to grow up and to improve.