We are Univet: Marco, Project Manager Technology Development
1 April 2016

Marco reminds of the “Universal man” of the Reinassance period. A technician who is also an artist, a person with many passions because to him there are no subjects and separated fields to deal with, because to him the hand needs the head, and viceversa. And because an inter-disciplinary culture turns ideas into projects , as long as they bring together beauty and usefulness.
He has inherited the from his father the machinery to work the wood and he became an ebony carpenter for passion. He even married a girl who restores furniture and paintings, another sign that in his destiny was made of technology and art together. And in fact Marco has made a long and varied professional path inside the company: from the laboratory to the design to the project management, where nowadays he takes care of the project as a whole, from the idea to the supplyer of the single pieces, taking care of many branches of knowledge (electronic, optic, lighting, mechanic, etc.), and “eveytime I start from scratch again, every time with motivation and incentive” he says. Also because his job allows him to get in touch with many persons and take advantage of his other qualities: the ability to understand the others and to find together with them the best solution. “Thanks to Univet I am more relaxed now”, he says smiling, “before I was in fact more introverted, then I “grew up” and today I’m very happy of what I do and who I am”.