We are Univet: Cristina administrative employee
18 May 2016

If you look at her besides Marianna, they look like the two sides of the moon: Cristina is shy, introvert, Marianna is more expansive and communicative. But the friendship that has born inside the office, also with Enrica, Nicoletta and Daniela, has allowed each one to modify the other one in a positive manner, exchanging each other the features of their personality, enriching one the other.
She says that sometimes she feels to be “improductive”, because she deals with numbers and calculations, but this is the bitter destiny of any Accounting dept which instead has a significant role, above all in Univet where there is an accurate and meticolous check.
About herself she says to be tidy, above all when she works because when it comes to work it’s important to be like that. Despite her young age, she has already worked for big companies and she has a good experience, after having completed the Accounting high school.
Cristina loves reading the Japanese Manga comics, above all on line and in English language because they are more updated compared to the paper versions. This year her dream of a tour in Japan became true. Nobody would believe that behind her innocent face and a tiny body there is an unchained metal music lover, a fan of the hard rock groups, above all the nordic ones, the ones which also do symphonic metal and include soprano singers with a classic formation. Finland is another of her preferred country, where she can put together her rock music passion and the holiday.
Cristina is also the “tour operator” of her office: she in fact organizes the pleasure travels, taking care of all the bookings and the design the best itinerary.