UNIVET wins the trophy “SAFETY AWARD” in Romania
7 October 2016

“Safety Awards” is the first competition and award in Romania about Safety. This year’s edition of Safety Awards covers 10 categories, including “Best Design” and “Best Innvoation” for which Univet applied, with a competition judges made of field experts, from both private and state companies, among which EUGEN DAVID technical director at Geseme Barcelona, Bucharest subsidiary, TEO MIGDALOVICI, Cannes Lion Ambassador for Romania, GEORGIANA NICOLESCU Manager of the focal point of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU OSHA) for Romania, and STELUTA NISIPEANU Scientific Secretary, the national research and development Institute of Occupational Safety.
Safety is an essential element for any company’s environment while the need and the interest in providing optimal working conditions of the employees is increasing everywhere.
Designed to become the standard of excellence in the country Safety Awards will focus each year on ideas and solutions for a safe environment in the workplace.
In the competition manufacturers, distributors and end-users that focus on health, safety, security, prevention and employee health and well-being were invited to register.

Univet won the competition with the model 6X3 for the “Best Design” category, while the company is gaining more and more trust and confidence on the market, above all right in the design: in fact this year Univet won also the prestigious Red Dot Award 2016, one of the most important design award in the world, with the surgery magnifying model “One” of the range “Loupes”, in the category “Life Science and Medicine”, award that comes for the second year in a row, and in a different category than the previous year, in 2015, when it was given to the eye protection goggle of the X-Generation, the model 6X3, in the category “Industrial and Crafts”.

6X3 Model


The problems related to the safety in any working place seriously affect the design of the PPE. The working places have been changing lately and the current needs are more and more dedicated to the specific protections such as:


–          Protection against metal splashes

–          Protection from irradiation of welding sources or blast furnaces

–          Protection to avoid that dust and liquids get in touch with the eyes

–          Devices to be used in conjunction with other protection devices such as masks to protect the respiratory tract or headset for ear protection


6X3 model is facing 360° the working problems related to the environment and it increases the performance of the goggles, allowing at the same time the end user to have a better comfort, in terms of vision and wearability, as well as a prolonged use over the working day.
The 6X3 project is open to minimal implementations because in the design stage we defined many inputs and requirements which the goggle was then able to meet: a 3D design on a three dimension certified head allowed a specific design tailored to the functional inputs and the desired targets. This was resulting in a totally new product on the safety market able to:


–          Meet the CE, ANSI and Australian Standard regulations

–          Grant the maximum comfort and visual field beyond the one of the competitors, in order to improve the use and the wearability in any occasion

–          Grant the use of the goggles with the prescription glasses

–          Grant the maximum indirect ventilation to avoid, in combination with the lenses coating, any fogging effect

–          Grant the protection against splashes and drops of molten metal (almost becoming a device of 3rd category)

–          Grant the compatibility with all the filtering masks on the market as well as all the active carbon half masks.

–          Have as an optional a shield to be used in conjunction with filtering masks and able to protect the respiratory tract from any impact.


As for all the Univet products, all the 6X3 prototypes have been first tested directly on the action field, into factories with the specific issue or need. The risk analysis for each Univet product goes first from the identification of the reference norm (for example the coverage area or the specific resistance to impact), and then  the product is developed following all the desired inputs and requirements. The ergonomics, the ease of use, the user friendly concept and the design reduces the risks, while the design gives a plus because the end user is asking for products where design and aesthetics are key, sometimes even beyond the most important need of feeling protected first.


Univet is a leader company specialized in the design and the manufacturing of optical magnification systems and eye protective equipment for the industrial, medical and laser sectors.

Established in Brescia in 1997, nowadays the company exports to more than sixty countries and is the only one in the world able to offer a complete line of products for the eye protection in various sectors.

Among the first to transfer the concept of sporty, fashion and design eyewear in the safety field, Univet also offers a research and development lab able to design and test tailored made visual protection solutions.