Univet wins the Red Dot Award 2016 with the model ONE
22 April 2016

Univet wins the Red Dot Award 2016 for the second year in a row and in a different category than the previous year.

Red Dot is one of the most prestigious award in the world which is given to products with a unique and distinctive design quality.

The award was given to the model ONE of the Loupes range in the category: “Life Science and Medicine”.

Last year the award was given to the eye protection google of the X-Generation, the model 6X3, in the category “Industrial and Crafts”.

The glasses ONE has a unique design and a linear shape of materials melted into one resistant and light unit, in titanium and in alluminium, with a high definition optical system, complete of all the accessories designed to improve ergonomics, safety and comfort. The magnification system grants the best performance in the surgical and dentistry applications, during both the diagnostic and the surgery stage.

Paolo Portesi, CEO of Univet, congratulates the entire team of Univet in Italy and in the world for the result achieved: “We are very proud to have received this international award for the design, for the second year in a row, and on top of that in a category where there is the highest competition: in the medical sector in fact, all the efforts of the multinationals and the largest international companies are concentrated. Our glasses of the Loupes range come from the cross engineering among designers, engineers and optical experts to combine technology, aesthetics and design. The first goal remains of course comfort, well being and safety for whom, every day, use such tools for their work. And after that we develop aesthetics features which are distinctive and nice looking, as in fact it has been recognized by the RedDot award jury”.