Univet Introduces 5.0 at CES
10 January 2017

On the Sony’s booth, in the Augmented Reality area, at the next CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, hosted in Las Vegas from 5th to 8th of January 2017, the visitors will be able to test the Univet most comprehensive augmented reality experience for the industrial and professional application, always keeping in mind the highest level of eye protection during the performance in the working place.
By wearing the prototype “Univet 5.0”, a specifically designed pair of safety glasses, the operators will in fact test several applications with augmented reality, specifically dedicated to data management and items warehousing, manufacturing and assembly instructions, machinery status report, medical data visualization in real time, simultaneous translations, warning alerts, etc.
Univet, the Italian leader manufacturer and among the world top players for the production of safety eyewear, clean room and laser protection, as well as of magnification loupes for medical and dentistry application, takes the greatest care in the personal protection also when additional devices are integrated. And this always to enhance the professional use and improve the performance, because there are many tasks which are today required in the daily practice such as: be connected and proactive, provide data integration, ensure time optimization and quick solutions, receive additional feedback, manage status and reports, always in the safest conditions.
The patent pending Univet safety eyewear model 5.0 are equipped with a “holographic waveguide technology” that takes the light created in the optical engine and projects a virtual image through the holographic optical elements to the eyes of the wearer. Together with the protective plating, this technology enables more than 85% visible light transmittance, with lenses that are only 2 mm. thick in total. The monochrome application provides benefits such as low power consumption and less distracting information which plays a key role when it comes to safety application.
The transparent lens superimposes information onto the wearer’s natural field of view. Its’ therefore perfect for notifications and information layers on top of the surrounded world and reality.
The Sony’s holographic waveguide technology is perfectly integrated into the Univet eyewear which can also offer a large number of options and additional features.
Univet 5.0 glasses are designed to comply with EN 166 and ANSI safety standards, they are Over-Spec in order to accommodate operator’s existing prescription glasses, they have a monocular projection system with a 3D adjustable position to fit several pupillary distance and different application needs.
With interchangeable front lens, and a continuous operating time granted by a battery hot swap, the glasses Univet 5.0 can be connected to a central system, such as a corporate ERP, via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
Of course the eyewear is also connected to a compatible smartphone, where the apps are running, in order to access the sensor data and give real-time information from the accelerometer, gyro, electronic compass, brightness sensor and microphone, a GPRS (2G/3G/4G) module or a GPS one, as well as some optional sensors such as IR, temperature, barometer, etc., and take pictures and videos from the optional camera.

Paolo Portesi, CEO of Univet group says: “This prototype Univet 5.0 is perfectly in line with our constant innovation attitude, with our aim to always further develop and improve the safety eyewear. We are the Italian leader and among the top players worldwide. As for the entire product range, our target is to manufacture a comprehensive product: ALL IN ONE. The Univet 5.0 Augmented Reality safety eyewear are in fact combining ergonomics and efficiency, functionality and aesthetics, the best Italian design with the highest safety and innovation level, also thanks to our persistence for details. Because, being a working tool to be worn all day, the safety eyewear must be comfortable, light and efficient and nice to wear.”

“The key to success is persistence”, continues Paolo Portesi, “work with a long term target, make your own vision something recognizable by the others, a story to tell and which people can identify and trust. Univet succeeded, thanks to a young team together with, in few years, we turned a simple business idea – twenty years ago in Italy there was no manufacturer of personal protection eyewear –  a solid company which is today, for a multinational such as Sony, a reliable and ideal partner together with it’s possible to “watch” the future and the technology innovation with new eyes and new tools”.