Technology together with design
20 January 2017

Since a long time Univet is working for the product diversification, not only according to the end use destination but also to the involved operator’s morphology: for this reason it will soon introduce a magnifying glasses line for the surgery and the dentistry, with the so called “Asian fit”, expressly designed for different shapes of the face compared to the European or the Western ones.
But not only the Asian academics or the millenials, because of the many hours spent on books and computer, will need a pair of glasses in the future. According to a study of the Brian Holden Vision Institute, within 2050 half of the world population will need a pair of glasses.
“Today the glasses manufacturers must face the digital technology” says Luisa Delgado, “the glasses is an  ideal tool because it connects sight, ears and brain. But the technology must perfectly integrate with the design otherwise a science fiction look is generated which would keep us far from the consumer”. Univet already knows that. In fact the prototype safety glasses Univet 5.0 integrates the Sony’s holographic waveguide technology to enhance the performance of the operators in their daily activity: it is the most comprehensive augmented reality experience for the industrial and professional application. And, at the same time, combines ergonomics, efficiency, aesthetics, functionality, the best Italian design, always keeping in mind the highest level of safety during the performance. Introduced for the first time at CES of Las Vegas, the largest electronic consumer exhibition of the world, Univet 5.0 has gained an extraordinary support also thanks to its distinctive design.
Bu all the safety glasses of the Univet range are nice to wear, comfortable, light and efficient, thanks to the upmost care for details which is a company feature since the beginning.

“For the glasses it will be key to find a combination among product design, comfort and winning technology”, ends her interview Luisa Delgado and she looks like she is declining the consolidated Univet formula when, at the end of the Nineties, it transferred these concepts from the fashion glasses, which it was manufacturing as a sub contractor, into the protective ones, inventing a sector which in Italy, at that time, did not exist.