Here is X-Generation Platform 5X1, the safety eyewear that transforms itself to meet every need
27 October 2015

Univet, a leading Italian company specializing in design and manufacture of optical magnification systems and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the industrial, medical and laser sectors, launches the X-Generation Platform 5X1 – safety eyewear designed to fit any work need. An innovative product in the field of protection, Univet have designed the 5X1to meet a variety of needs for the user.  This ensures optimal protection in any work environment thanks to the wide range of combinable and interchangeable accessories.

The 5X1 becomes the top of the X-Generation range, and is equipped with the patented SoftPad technology, which guarantees total adaptability to the face for absolute comfort. In addition to the three position length adjustment, the SoftPad system is provided with a tilting movement that allows the eyewear to fit the 5X1 perfectly to the head. The inclination adjustment of the temples also ensures optimal comfort for each and every user.

The uniqueness of the new X-Generation 5X1 Platform resides in the design.  This is specifically planned to give a chance for every worker to choose his personal accessory, removing and changing the 5X1 easily and also adjusting separately the temples and lenses. The temples can be replaced with a comfortable elastic band, to ensure stability to the glasses even during use in more vigorous working environments.

To further improve the adherence and to provide better protection from impact, the elastic band is combined with a comfortable rubber gasket.  This can be easily assembled by the operator in adjusting the eyewear frame. To meet the various needs, the particular design of the X-Generation 5X1 Platform allows you to choose the type of lens colour you need, ensuring you have the right lens for each environment you work in: it’s therefore possible to replace a clear lens with a G15 to work outdoors, or with a IN/OUT lens that safeguards against glare and promotes excellent vision when moving quickly from inside to outside.

Thanks to the FLD (Floating Lens Design) technology, the lens is anchored to the frame in only three points, guaranteeing comfort of the eyewear and greater elasticity. The soft rubber nose pad, adjustable in height with an exclusive system of continuous scrolling, is designed to adapt naturally to the operator’s face and reduce the pressure of prolonged use.

“The well-being of the employee, – claims Paolo Portesi, CEO Univet – thanks to the improvement of working conditions through new customer oriented and technologically advanced devices, it’s always our goal. The eyewear X-Generation 5X1 Platform is the perfect synthesis of our daily commitment. ”


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