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Innovation is the result of forward looking research.

Innovation is the result of research: Univet therefore created a specific area dedicated to the development of new technologies in its company. Dynamic and run by technical and qualified staff, the laboratory uses advanced tools to conduct research into new technologies to guarantee improved performance in different work environments. Paying great attention to analysing products, suppliers and markets while setting our sights on the future, Univet is able to predict market demand and develop highly innovative protection devices and magnifying systems.


// Exclusive optical system

Designed by the technical department, this exclusive optical system guarantees an unrivalled breadth and depth of field, enabling users to work with extreme precision and efficacy.


// Protection from laser sources

Made of certified plastic, Sylex was developed to make the frames of devices providing protection from laser sources. It combines the high level of protection offered by metal frames with the comfort of plastic, ensuring total safety and a light-weight structure.


// A new level of protection

Research into design and high technological innovation characterise the nEXxt range, whose engineering devices enable protective eyewear to be worn in perfect conjunction with other safety devices.


// A new frontier in eye protection

This line is the top range in the Safety catalogue. Not only are they extremely comfortable, the models stand out for their aggressive design and sporty style.


// Comfort and total protection

SoftPad is the patented terminal that attaches to the arms of the goggles to offer total comfort and protection. Through multiple adjustments to the terminal, the innovative use of materials and careful design SoftPad perfects the already substantial ergonomics of Univet models to reach unprecedented levels of comfort.


// High comfort

The flexible and shaped arms of the goggles guarantee users high comfort, enabling them to wear goggles at the same time as ear protection. The perfect solution for a goggles-earmuff combination.