The first and only augmented reality safety glasses!

Using rapidly developing technology and our own high-tech patents, Univet group has developed unique and innovative technologies, including the first augmented reality safety glasses, VisionAR (Univet group trademark, 2019).


Univet’s Test Center is an highly innovative laboratory with specialized technicians and sophisticated machinery. Inside the lab we run all the the endurance tests required by the EN166 F and ANSI Z87.1+ standards.

VisionAR passed very stringent tests such as the impact test at speeds that go from 162km/h (101,25 mph) to 684km/h (427,5 mph). This highly-demanding stress and optical quality tests, allow this augmented safety glasses to be far above other products on the market.

Remote Support

Remote Support is a step forward in customer care. The machine stop time is a key factor that affects efficiency in production. Problems that arise during manufacturing generate various critical effect: compromised workflow, increased travel expenses, late deliveries and customers frustration.

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The manufacturing industry needs all the possible benefits given by Industry 4.0 and IoT. VisionAR Augmented Reality Safety Glasses can provide major benefits in production management, assembling/production instructions, step-by-step procedures, process control.

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The process of picking is one of the most common inside a company. Logistics, assembling, quality: many departments are dealing every single day with picking operations.

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VisionAR is designed to provide:

  • complete adaptability to the user’s face
  • perfect integration with prescription glasses
  • the highest level of protection through wraparound polycarbonate with integrated lens shields
  • maximum optical quality with an inclination — and rotation — adjustable display.

Thanks to our lens interchange system, users can easily replace the lens for optimal visibility in any environment: clear lenses for normal use, smoke lenses for UV rays, gradient IN/OUT lenses for indoor/outdoor activities, and more.



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