HistoryPast, Present and Future



A crucial year in the history of Univet, in 1997 engineer Armando Portesi founded the new company.

1998 - 2001


In the first three years of its life, Univet established the first two branches of its business: safety and laser. From then on the company worked to develop models that enabled it to compete initially on the national and then on the international market.



Now well established, Univet defined an important third branch of its business: the medical branch. The time was ripe to create a line of protective eyewear products specifically for the medical field, whose requirements differ significantly from the industrial field.



In the mid-2000s Univet opened itself up to the world. To start its journey towards the international market, the company chose central Europe, opening a new Field Office in Germany.



The encounter with foreign markets, the desire to grow and an awareness of new requirements that needed to be met, led Univet to develop the fourth branch of its business: magnifying systems.
Univet 01 is the first model to be completely designed and produced internally, a perfect example of Made in Italy technique, research and innovation.



Constantly progressing and growing, Univet, alongside its research and development department, has a laboratory for product testing equipped with specific machinery to check and improve the quality of models.
Becoming one of two companies in the whole of Europe to have a laboratory, Univet is well aware of the importance and need to design increasingly competitive new solutions.



Univet introduced the notion of stylish design to PPE. Attention to detail and research into ergonomics became the strengths of the models in the X-Generation collection, a line representing the move towards a new concept of design-oriented protective eyewear.

2010 - 2014


In just three years, Univet opened three new branches in the United States, Canada and Brazil and took part in the biggest events on the American continent. With a view to grow and expand, the company has taken on strong, consolidated markets as well as emerging economies.



An important year for Univet, which continues its upward spiral achieving successes and collecting prizes along the way. In 2014 the company received the Best Practice Technology Leadership in the Eye Protection Industry Prize from the Frost & Sullivan Association for excellence and avant-garde technology applied to product development.



Univet 6X3, a super ergonomic highly scratch and wear resistant mask with exclusive anti-fog treatment, received the international Red Dot Award, one of the most important design prizes in the world. With 1,994 participants from over 56 countries, the Red Dot Award compares excellence from around the globe.



To be even more competitive and keep up with production capacity requirements, Univet expanded its headquarters, opening a new warehouse and production area.