Choosesafety eyewear


How to choose the right eyewear for you.

Every day at work, more than 100 incidents occur involving eyes or face. The consequences can be conjunctivitis, eye injuries up to partial or total blindness.

In order to select the protective device that best suits your needs, you should make some preliminary assessments. These are the factors you should considered.

Risk evaluation

// What risks are present in your workplace?

To prevent eye injuries a generic device is not enough. The first step in order to choose the right safety eyewear consists in the evaluation of the risks you are exposed to in your work environment. Each application has a corresponding device with technical features defined to ensure the operators the protection necessary to perform their duties.

Comfort of use

// How long will you use the eyewear?

In certain workplace you need to use safety eyewear for long periods: the devices have therefore comply characteristics as comfort, lightness and stability. Univet eyewear are designed based on in-depth ergonomic studies that ensure an optimal fit. The presence of adjustments of nose pad and temples in length and inclination allows to further adapt the device in case of need.

Technical specifications

// What characteristics should the eyewear have?

The vast Univet catalog allows to choose the product that best fits your requirements thanks to the different technical solutions available. The range of surface coatings applied to the lenses, the possibility of wearing some devices over corrective glasses and the application of accessories help to make the experience with Univet eyewear even more performant.

Type of lens

// Which lens to choose?

Each lens has specific features that make it suitable for use in certain environments and for particular processing. Univet provides the user with different types of lenses made of polycarbonate, CR39, glass or acetate, as well as four specific lenses developed in Univet laboratories; these exclusive filters have been created to serve specific applications or industries.