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Univet magnification systems

provide a more accurate vision and, thanks to proper ergonomics, reduce eye strain and musculoskeletal problems, also help the dentist to enhance its performance in favor of better patient care.

Improved posture

// Univet loupes are constructed and customized as per the individual measurements to allow the wearer to maintain an ergonomic posture.

Customized magnification systems significantly help to improve the working conditions by offering steeper declination angle in order to minimize the risk of developing a sore neck and back pain, which is primarily associated with improper working posture.

Reduced eye strain

// Strained eyes or tired eyes are caused by long exposure of eye muscles by focusing on the operating site.

Made to measure or customized magnification helps to ease the pressure on the eye muscles and allows the health care professional to maintain the required focus while minimizing the eye fatigue.

Better visual acuity

// The use of surgical loupes helps to magnify the oral cavities

and to bring them in the right focus, which is important for the overall outcome of the procedure.
It also ensures a more precise interception of critical details.

Improved diagnosis

// A magnified vision provides better precision at the diagnosis stage, which ultimately leads to improved clinical results for patients.

The magnification detects details that may not be visible to the naked eye: the operation is thus less invasive and more effective.

Hhigh performance

// Good quality magnification enables you to do more in less time.

The dental professionals can work for longer periods of time without straining their eyes, neck and back, which means saving of time and more patient time.